International Business & Culture

Gain an understanding of real global challenges in business.

You’ll learn marketing, economics and business ethics from an international perspective.

Program overview

You will be studying international business and culture in the city that is the European headquarters for some of the world’s leading companies, including Google, Facebook and Airbnb, along with Twitter, LinkedIn and Dropbox.

On the Global Innovation Index that Cornell, INSEAD and the United Nations publish, Ireland ranked in the top 10 countries in 2015 in terms of innovation. It is one of Europe’s most entrepreneur-friendly destinations, and it shows in its young population.

Dublin is one of the world’s best cities for startups, according to Fortune magazine. Havok, one of Ireland’s own tech companies, is the software brains behind many of the leading game platforms.

In your discovery of Dublin, you will see firsthand the flock-to-the-docks by young tech workers. They are transforming the city’s Grand Canal Dock into part of Dublin’s vibrant “Silicon Docks.”


  • Minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • 18 years of age
  • Good standing at home school

Curriculum overview

Against this backdrop, you will have the opportunity to select up to four International Business electives per semester, or up to two per summer session. You will also be able to select Liberal Arts electives, all with an Irish focus.

During the academic year, a core course in Irish Cultural Studies is also required.

General Questions

Fall and Spring Semester

Course Load: 5 courses total*

Credits: 15 semester / 22.5 quarter hours

*Students wishing to take more than the standard course load may do so at an additional fee.

Core Course (required):
LIB480 Irish Cultural Studies (This course includes 2 day and 2 overnight excursions)

International Business Electives Liberal Arts Electives
IB206 Macroeconomics LIB205 Anglo-Irish Writers
IB303 International Marketing LIB206 Cinema and Society
IB305 International Economics LIB400 Irish Nationalism
IB405 International Business Ethics LIB402 Oscar Wilde and his Circle
IB408 Contemporary Global Challenges  

Additional Fall Semester 2018 Courses:
The following courses are also available during the semester and may be taken in place of the standard elective courses listed above. Please note additional courses may conflict with class dates and/or times of the standard elective courses.

Additional International Business Electives Additional Liberal Arts Electives
IB200 Introduction to Management LIB201 War and Peace in the Modern World
IB201 Microeconomics LIB203 Imagination and Storytelling
IB202 Accounting 1 LIB302 Irish Migration
IB203 Principles of Marketing LIB304 Representations of Sexualities
IB204 Business Computing  
IB300 Managerial Accounting  
IB301 Corporate Finance  
IB302 Networks and Databases  
IB304 International Law  
IB400 Entrepreneurship  
IB401 International Finance  
IB402 International HRM  
IB403 Operations Management  

View the most recent syllabi for available courses taught at American College Dublin on the syllabi page.

Summer Sessions B or C (4 weeks)

Course Load: 2 courses total*

Credits: 6 semester / 9 quarter hours

Summer Session B and C information coming shortly.

Summer Sessions A (8 weeks)

Course Load: 4 courses total*

Credits: 12 semester / 18 quarter hours

*Students wishing to take more than the standard course load may do so at an additional fee.

Summer Session A information coming shortly.

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